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Some of our favorite things

Here is a short list of vendors we have found to be extremely helpful in our homesteading attempts. Enjoy!

Omlet  This is the chicken coop we started with. A fully enclosed, plastic (read easily cleanable!) double insulated, varmint proof chicken coop. We love ours! We quickly outgrew it because we have more than 4 chickens now but we use it as a brooder for new hens each year. we just love it.IMG_20140717_181948







AZ Apiaries For the Love of Bees Bees, supplies, hives and most important successful experience! Right here in Connecticut! It’s nice to have someone local so when you catch a swarm of bees like this you have somewhere to put them!

Blue Sky Bee Supply  An online Beekeeping resource that we lean on regularly. Owned and operated by the family of my dear friend Heather.


Shelter Logic  On our little urban homestead we needed a sturdy, legal and relaible shelter for our rabbits.  This company shipped it right to the house and my husband and son assembled it in two days!20150712_164616





My Pet Chicken A wonderful resource, also right here in Connecticut, for the Backyard Chicken.  Everything from brooding lights to chickens!  We have had great success with everything we have ever purchased here, even our little peeping chicks that come in the mail! Nothing better than getting a phone call from the post office at 5:45am in the morning! You should get backyard chickens. Here is why.