changing tides

One of my fondest memories is anchoring with our little family at Duck Island in Westbrook, CT. And specifically the gentle swing to and fro, round and round of our little boat throughout the night.  Being a new “anchorer” I would wake up every couple of hours, and each time try to get my bearings.  Where is Kelsey Point? Where is the chimney? Where is Westbrook Harbor? After seasons of anchoring there we sleep soundly now.  The holding ground is an old friend, maybe some gentle bumping on the bottom if we came a little far inside the safe depth line, the whistles on the navigation aids are background noise, the gentle rocking as the faster boats come ripping through trying to make it back to Westbrook Harbor before Mom and Dad realize they took the boat out. 

 It all has a rhythm. As does my life.

This living on a boat, even at a dock has a sense of comfort yet there is this subtle constant change you are slightly aware of.  It is the coming and going of people, weather, winds.  Our friends Darrell and Ann aboar s/v Alibi have made the jump to the Bahamas and we wish them well. The empty slip next to us seems huge but I know it won’t be empty long.  A new couple moved in down the way, Steve and Darcy aboard s/v Zest.  They have been a wonderful addition to our little community here.  And as we prepare to shove off from Key Largo Harbor Marina in a couple of weeks I know I will certainly miss our life here, our friends; Rick and Isabel, Thyme, Marty and Louise, and the comfort of routine, but the tides will carry in the next family as they carry us out.  On to new adventures, new people, new places. 

It will be wonderful to be on the road again.  We are so blessed to live our life following our hearts, and what is best for our family. 

I had a wonderful conversation with my friend Kim recently about a major decision we have to make in our lives fairly soon.  After I spent twenty minutes laying out all of the pros and cons for her She asked me if the decision lined up with our values. I was stunned that in the frenzy of being asked to make this important decision I had not even stopped to think about that.  After realizing that our values of family, peaceful lives and health were most important it made this decision much clearer.  Another tide changes, and this time that “ship” may sail on without us.  And that is OK.

I am on my ship of family love, peacefulness, fun, excited learning and healthy living.  This tide will carry me far.

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