For the last couple of weeks I have been counting things used. Things like coffee filters, toilet tissue, jars of peanut butter, toothpaste, jars of olive oil, packages of Wasa…everything.
Not the OCD kind, but counting how much we are using in a given time period. Friends have advised us to bring as much with us to the Bahamas as we can because everything in the Bahamas is imported. (read expensive).
So knowing how many cups of coffee I get out of my 12oz. Package of eight o clock coffee is crucial to the plan, knowing how many bulbs of garlic we use in a week ( a lot) is vital to living on a budget.
We will stock the coffers pretty well in Fort Lauderdale. You’d be surprised at the kind of feast Michael can put together just shopping at a Big Lots!
We found some great vacuum packed bricks of brown rice at home in the Asian market (a-Dongs in west Hartford for those adventurous types) so we are well prepared there and are hoping we will catch some mahi mahi or wahoo each week and supplement with some canned veggies, spices and sauces.

Knowing how long our 100 gallon water tank will last us is also key as the average price for water in the Bahamas is $.40 a gallon!!! Dockside in Key Largo it is lasting us about 5 days, that is dishes, cooking and drinking water. I know once on the hook I am a lot more conservative but then we will be showering also ( which we do now in the shower house at the marina). This will be interesting.

Being so aware of consumption is mentally exhausting. It is something I would never have paid attention to had I not made this trip but something I’m grateful for, I don’t want to live an unconscious life. I want to use as little as possible, of everything: energy, food, paper…and by the way…week three without paper towels!!!

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