day four – somewhat uneventful (!)

This was a down day, we knew it was going to be because of the weather, so no big plans.  James was on breakfast detail this morning and we had shrimp and pepper jack cheese omelets – YUMMY! Mariah and I cleaned up while Michael did our daily engine maintenance. 

Michael took the kids downtown for engine parts. One of the problems with having a BMC Leyland Engine is it is difficult to get parts.  So when Michael found a parts store that carries MG parts he went on a little field trip – I thought for sure he might come home with Korean food, but no such luck.  He did come home with some tamales, rice and beans though.

I did laundry, four loads! It is hard to believe four people can make that much laundry in three days. 

When the laundry was done we all decided to move the boat to a dock a little further out at this marina.  Our keel was in the mud last night so we decided to move to deeper water.  Unfortunately once Michael was off the dock (with the kids on the boat and me on the dock) we discovered the shifter was stuck – Oy vey!!

Anyways, about thirty minutes later with the help of the dock staff we got safely tied up again at the deeper end of the marina.  Michael took apart the steering linkage and discovered it needed to be greased.  It probably has not been greased in twenty years. It works better than ever now, I am so thankful for a husband who is so mechanically inclined!

My sister’s homemade chicken soup with some dumplings for dinner. What a warm, hearty stew.  Great after a long, cold, wet afternoon. 

Tomorrow is a big day, down the East River, through New York City, Rikers’ Island, Manhattan, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, and Lady Liberty! How cool!

Then onto our first overnight sail down the coast of New Jersey.  God is looking out for us and we have a full moon and a west wind.  Pray it holds and we make speed over ground.  We should be in Cape May by sunset Monday.

We will post pictures as we go through the city tomorrow.

It is supposed to be 70 degrees in Norfolk, VA wednesday and I plan on being there!

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