Day one – Chadukiewicz trip to Florida

I’m a little behind on getting my blog updated.  I should have had this set up before we left but there were a million other more important things to do…

Day one, we left Cedar Island Wednesday morning around 11:30.  Topped off the fuel tanks, unfortunately the water was shut off at the gas docks – so no topping off the water tanks.  Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to fill them in Portland.  105 gallons goes a long way. (we hope)

We had no wind that day so motored all the way to Milford, which was a great work out for our BMC Leyland engine.  It showed us how well she is running.  temp was 150 and oil pressure was 45 psi the whole way.  Perfect.

Mariah, aka “Cookie” (every ship must have one) made us some great victuals during our trip – James kept his handy knot meter hanging off the side of the boat, with the constant “Dad- look 4 knots! can we sail now?”

As we pulled into Milford harbor we lost a fender off the side, since there was NO wind and NO waves (read dead calm) we decided to test our retrieving skills.  Come about and get boat hook and crabbing net, and one 50$ fender is rescued.

Carl, at Milford Yacht Club was so kind to wait for us as we pulled in at 4:30, tied up and hunkered down for the gale force winds awaiting. 

Dinner was my dear sister’s yummy meatballs and sauce – Leah – it was so delicious after a cold day on the water!  We knew we would be staying a day to sit out the tail end of that storm so it was a relaxing night’s sleep. 

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