Day three – december 4

An early day for the Chadukiewicz family! We are not early risers (by any stretch of the imagination) so for us to actually leave the dock at 7:30 am was a real feat.

We were all up and showered at 630am in anticipation of anchoring for the next three days (read no showers), back to the boat and stow our shower stuff and start the engine.  Breakfast of fresh toasted bread with Jam and tea would be underway.

As we pulled away from the dock we noticed that pesky fender had broken off again! How frustrating – we even circled back and looked around the marina and harbor for it – grrrr…oh well – thankfully we have spares.

Out of Milford, down the coast and as Long Island Sound narrows we get closer to our destination of Manhassett Bay – a large, somewhat protected anchorage in the west end of Long Island, about 6 nm from the mouth of the East River.  A perfect jumping off point for the next morning – so we thought!

About halfway through our day of motoring – wind on our nose – Michael received a phone call about some job opportunities and needed to get to a dock to plug in for the evening – so here we are at Brewers Capri West in Jericho NY.  A lovely facility – again no water though 🙁

WE get here and check the weather – and discover we are not going anywhere for a couple of days – did I bring an ice scraper?!?!?!?!

So, very thankful we found a marina, are plugged in, Michael can do his work, I can do laundry (yay!)

We took a nice walk before dinner then returned to start our meal, “Cookie” made some fresh focaccia dough to rise, I peeled shrimp (Lucky loved that -pic to follow) and sauteed them, Michael literally fell asleep at the Nav Station.

We baked the focaccia bread with herbs for about ten minutes, then loaded up the sauteed shrimp and baked for another ten – DELISH!

Michael was inspired to make a fresh salad – hard to come by on a boat – but what a great salad! red and green cabbage shredded, shredded carrots and shredded onion, soy sauce, white wine vinegar and toasted sesame seeds with some wasabi  – WOW so fresh and great – yummy.

After dinner Mariah got all of us set up on our tumblr bogs – Yay for a 16 year old who knows what she is doing 🙂

loving life,


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