Day two – december 3

This day was wonderful from beginning to end.  We all slept in – a much needed treat after days of working endless hours and the scurrying of actually “leaving” the dock the day before.

We woke up, had our teas and coffees and decided to do some family yoga in the clubhouse lounge – Michael’s great idea.  It was wonderful to lengthen and stretch.  Then some (much needed) showers! Ahh!

As most of you know, Michael just received his Master’s degree in July and his advisor and one of his professors are members of MYC and very graciously offered to take the family to lunch at the Club. Don Mroz and Susan Lapine are such great people, a thoroughly enjoyable visit, great conversation and great food!

The kids and I took a really long walk along the beach in Milford and then found the NOAA Aquaculture center and Fishery Administration but they were not very visitor friendly.

Upon our return to the boat we had discovered Michael had another “project” well under way – he added a station for the Chart Plotter up in the cockpit, so now we can put it in the cockpit while traveling and at the Nav station down below while planning our waypoints at night.  great job honey! I am so thankful to have such a smart, talented, skilled, dedicated husband!

Then it was to our nighttime routine before a voyage – stow everything, prepare bread (thanks Mariah) check engine levels etc…

Great day 🙂

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