going with the flow…

So we had a series of what could be perceived as unfortunate events over a six month period away from our boat.  However, we have chosen to see the silver lining in life and be grateful for our good fortune and health.  The most beautiful part of our trip away from our boat was the birth of our newest granddaughter, Chloe, on May 20th!  Our daughter-in-law, Danielle and son Joey did a great job of birthing this beautiful girl, and big sister Juliana was ready right way to take care of “her baby”.

We have learned not to make plans or commitments when it comes to the boat and sailing.  Last year, we put a lot of mental time constraints on ourselves.  The constant re-evaluating of schedule and options was exhausting to keep up with.  Especially when you feel the need to share this info with family and friends.  So this year we decided to take it easy on ourselves and go with the flow.  We have some loose commitments and will do the best we can.  Our cruising schedule this winter looks something like this: November, Fort Lauderdale to meet Ralph and Patricia – pfiffikus.weebly.com , Bahamas in late December through January and Miami for the boat show in February, then making our way up the Eastern seaboard in the spring, back to Connecticut for a summer of family and friends.

It is good to be back in our boat, she was right where we left her, the only repair we needed to make was to the prop which seemed to fall off(!), but as with other things in life we have found good fortune in this repair.

Making the shift from living in a hotel to living on a boat was a real change, but we all seemed to fall into step easily.  Living small, less garbage, less water, using refillable water bottles, less food waste, we are buying daily produce from the local veggie truck, less electricity – no TV!, less gas – we sold our car! and only ride bikes or walk here, making the big change to not using paper towels (a nod to our dear friends the Reids – my paper towel rack is now a towel hanger) and in general slowing down.  The heat down here sure helps that, and the body seems to know when it needs to stop and conserve energy; usually about 2:00 pm each day.  The other thing I was pleased to return to was the internal schedule of rising with the sun and going to sleep with sundown.  

We are currently in Key Largo and remembered that we love the Keysey life…If you are able come visit us, we have room for lots of people – our door is always open.  This is God’s boat, not ours, we are just borrowing it.  

Love to all,


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