Living Yoga Retreat

I wanted to post a little reminder about my dear teacher’s Yoga by the Sea retreat coming up on June 28th, 2014 at the Mercy Center in Madison CT.  Divya Jyoti DiFazio has been teaching yoga in Middletown for years, however it is her tireless work with the Atma-Vidya Ashram children’s orphanage that continues to amaze me.  Every year she has many events, but this retreat is the BIG fundraiser for the orphanage.  I taught a couple of years ago at the retreat and it was such a lovely day, but last year I missed it because I was at a teacher training at the Sivananda Ashram. So I am looking forward to attending and teaching this year!

Divya asked me to do the early morning advanced pranayama (breathing/cleansing practice) followed by silent meditation, as well as an Inversion workshop!!! WOOHOO!


Don’t worry – we won’t be doing the headstands on the rocks in Madison, we will be inside although I couldn’t resist this great picture of Mariah doing a headstand on the rocky shores of Maine.

Divya had no idea that beginning last month I had given myself the personal challenge of practicing my handstand every day.  What a challenge! But is has been fun, and the whole family has been in on it. I can say my handstand is up to about 1.5 seconds…yes, you read that right. A vast improvement over collapsing on myself. So don’t be scared, we won’t all be jumping up into handstands but we will explore some of the more common inversions during this workshop – I will have all sorts of little goodies for you to add to your inversion toolboxes.


So save the date, June 28th at the Mercy Center in Madison.  You can reach Divya at 860-613-0373 for more registration details.  It does sell out quick, so don’t procrastinate!

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