Ripe Offerings

After teaching a yoga class last night, I received an offering from a friend (first) and yoga student (second).  Pamela brought me two huge bags of veggies from her garden at home.  This was such a welcome offering!  The tomatoes are perfect, red, juicy and sweet.  The cucumbers are crisp and savory and the yellow wax beans and green beans were picked at perfection.  Which got me to thinking about the offerings I make.

The definition of ripe is “fully developed”.
Are my offerings ripe?
Are my offerings fully developed?
I certainly would not bring a gift to someone of unbaked bread or stale chocolate.  Nor would I bring tiny hard apples, or sour oranges.
I take pride and ownership in the gifts I offer.
When I offer a yoga class I spend hours leading up to it, meditating, doing pranayama, purifying with a shower and neti pot.  I do these things so that I bring my highest Self to the class.  Having grandchildren helps with this practice.  Juliana and Chloe command full attention – a fully present and ripe Meemaw and Papa to play, listen to stories, buy ice cream pops, chase seagulls and toast marshmallows (not eat them, just toast and toast and toast…).
In the same way, with the women I mentor, I give them my undivided attention. My offering is a piece of myself.  It is the Divine in me.  It is Divine in the form of fully developed and ripe tomatoes – Thank you Pam.
Which brings me to another thought – I apologize if this seems like a double soap box day but…
I have noticed my laziness with my verbal or written offerings lately.  When signing off from an email I say “…love you” not “I love you”.  I have noticed it so much that I have been making a conscious effort to take ownership, and fully develop my offerings to others with my words.
“I love yo”, “I think you did a great job.”, “I am grateful for your contribution.”, “I miss your company.”
instead of: love you…thanks…grateful…miss you…
It may seem picayune but it helps me to remain humble by expressing my need for you to know how much I appreciate you and your offerings.
This week I am focusing on ripening my offerings – so I thank you. I am grateful for you.
I need you and your friendship.
Ananda Devi, Jennifer

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