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Those Jersey Girls…

One of the absolute BEST things we did last year was purchase a CSA share from our local raw dairy farm Deerfield Farm.  Every Wednesday we would argue over who would get to go pick up our milk, yogurt and soft cheese.  Mainly because we loved to hang out with cows.

IMG_20140723_154318These girls are real special.  They are loved, have a clean place to live, and see all that green behind them? They get to eat that ALLLL day!

So that means we get to bring home delicious raw milk that has an amazing cream line.

And we get all the health benefits of raw milk, plus the peace that comes with getting fresh air, listening to cows low and watch them frolic and play in the sunshine. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I cannot wait until it is milk CSA time again. It is coming up soon!






Family roots

James in front of a field of cotton. Cotton as far as the eye could see.

James in front of a field of cotton. Cotton as far as the eye could see.

We had the extraordinary opportunity to take a small family vacation this year to my Mother’s home town of Tiptonville Tennessee.  We visited the first weekend in October for the huge annual craft fair weekend.  It is an unofficial family reunion.  This year we were so grateful to be have spent time with my grandmother Helen, my Mother’s mother.  This was the first time James had spent time with her.  My Aunt Pat and Uncle Roger were there with a slew of cousins too!

James didn't dare check his fishing poles. Those were carry on only,

James didn’t dare check his fishing poles. Those were carry on only,

I was able to show James where my mother grew up, the land they farmed (and still farm!) and our family cemetery where my Mother Susan is buried and all of our ancestors were buried as well. James is getting to the age in which he wants connection. We understand from NVC that we all have a need for connection, and James was soaking up all this rich family heritage.

We soaked up some good food too!!! We had frog legs, chicken livers, catfish, hush puppies, fried okra…the list goes on!

And of course James did plenty of fishing!! Reelfoot Lake is the home of some of the best lake fishing in the region. We were blessed to stay right on the lake. We cannot wait to go back soon!

James begged us to try BBQ Bologna. I couldn't do it.

James begged us to try BBQ Bologna. I couldn’t do it.

I may not be an extrovert, but I play one on Facebook…

I have a mind that tells me I know what everything means, literally – I don’t think I ever have to look anything up and I basically think I could teach all the college courses I take – it’s pretty bad.

SOOOOoooo I thought I knew what being an introvert was…and I sure wasn’t one of those…ya’ know…a hermit, a hoarder, someone that does all their shopping online and has food delivered all the time.

However, I recently came across this great comic which described very clearly the difference between an introvert and an extrovert.


Who would’ve thunk it? I am a TRUE introvert! Scary, since I have so many commitments with people, teach yoga and a lot of my life revolves around being with and serving others. Hallelujah and Praise God that I have a husband and family who totally get me and when Mama needs to go home…Mama needs to go home. Ya know what I mean?

For instance, yesterday I went out to a breakfast gathering with friends and expended a lot of energy talking. Then I came home and had lunch at home with another friend and we spent a good couple of hours sharing and talking. Then…that was it.

It was 2:00pm and I was fried. I couldn’t even speak.  I took a nap, watched football, took another nap and made hand gestures and grunted to my sweet husband who just laid next to me and was quiet. He knew I was re-charging my battery. (I often visualize Seven of Nine in Star Trek the Next Generation having to plug herself in at night – that is totally me.)


I used to beat myself up for tending to “isolate” and, for years I had quite a different picture of who I thought I wanted to be.  But now after reading Dr. Carmellas lovely little cartoon above I am SOOO grateful I know how I operate!

So I crack myself up when I scroll through my Facebook posts and blog, because to any outsider I am clearly and extrovert…but to those who “know” me, they understand this is my way of connecting and sharing of myself without expending the actual energy.  Facebook and other social media have opened up a world of connection to me. One of my best teachers is Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and his teachings on Non-Violent Communication.  He has helped me to learn how to identify my needs and meet them through means that work for me. One of my BIGGEST needs is connection, and for years I would use strategies to meet my need for connection which totally wiped me out.  Now I know I can meet my need for connection while conserving my emotional energy.

When I finally “got” myself I became a much better manager of time and energy.  I am sharing this with all of you in the hopes you don’t wait any longer take a good look at how you gain your energy and fill up your cup. If you are an introvert like me don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for quiet time to fill up your cup!