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SWEEEEET! literally!

I love getting mail and especially PACKAGES in the mail, and lookie-here!

Mama got her Maple tree sap buckets and taps today!!! WOOHOO!!


Thank goodness we are not set to do this until February, because I would be outside drilling holes in my trees right now! Actually I would send Michael out to do that, but you get what I mean.



Local is as local does…

One of the biggest ways we have found to live a sustainable lifestyle is to spend our money and energy locally.  I am a LOVER of Amazon, however it gets in the way of my desire to support as many local people and families as I can. I am slave to efficiency.

And while I posted I would be ordering my Non-gmo seeds from www.rareseeds.com, I neglected to say that I would be first visiting their local affiliate, right here in Wethersfield Connecticut Comstock Ferre & Co. And I cannot wait – but don’t go on Saturdays! They are closed for the Sabbath.


I will take my little shopping list of our favorite veggies and flowers, and then if there is anything still missing I will put in an order online. There is something quite satisfying about spreading your little seed packets out with your sketch pad and planning your garden!


In fact, Michael and I will always check to see if there is a local, preferrably family owned business before we make any purchases.  Some of the great local places we shop at are West Side Market IGA in Rocky Hill, Family owned and you cannot walk through the store without most of the employees greeting you, Meadow Meat in Middletown, and my new favorite – Deerfield Farm in Durham CT – purveyors of all things delicious and raw-milky…mmm

But the most important way we have found to support people is just sharing of goods.  Last year we had some dear friends, John and Leila, who had laying hens and we would find gifts like this on our kitchen counter when we got home!!! Aren’t they beautiful?!?!?!?! God knows we gave away a TON of kale and swiss chard – If you got greens from the Sunshine House raise your hand!!!



Living as sustainable a life as you can requires a lot of consciousness: conscious thought, conscious decision making, conscious time management.  This is something I am not so great at :/ (procrastination is the enemy)

So that energy I have to manage so carefully which I discussed here???  Michael and James and I put to good use in meal-planning, time management to make a few trips for our regular groceries, and believing above all else that there is an abundance to go around!

Objects in picture are smaller than they appear.


Although these were super tasty gluten free and sugar free cupcakes from my babe, they are most certainly in the “mini” category. Delicious bites.
Love a sweet snack from a sweetie pie.

Macaroni and cheese going away brunch? Yes please!

This ain’t your mama’s mac and cheese!

Mariah is making her own farewell feast this morning as she heads back to college.  It has been a wonderful visit and has been such a joy to have her here with us.  Our Christmas was lovely! I cannot wait to see her again in February when Michael and I fly down for his Residential Institute at NOVA.


Cooking is such a HUGE part of our family tradition at the holiday times. I am  grateful she was able to enjoy all of her favorites, and try out a few new ones! This Mac and cheese is a combination of recipes – so actually she is making up her own recipe I guess. Some kind of Italian/Cowgirl theme going on here. Or maybe its just cheese and pork…yeah, that’s it.


She is using a rotelle pasta – cooked and cooled, shredded cheddar, mozz and pepperjack cheeses, cooked crispy crumbled bacon (yes, I said the b word!) diced fresh tomatoes and chunks of freshly roasted chicken breast (leftovers from last night’s roaster – we only eat the dark meat anyway.)


A bechamel sauce to bring together the pasta. cheeses, chicken and tomato, throw it in a casserole dish with some tasty parmesan on top and bake for about thirty minutes at 350.  There was a long conversation about folding in the bacon crumbles or sprinkling on top. I opted for the sprinkle on top version as Michael and I are watching our waistlines for bathing suit weather in 4 weeks…ahem…like a sprinkling of bacon will stem the tide of all that cheese. Yeah…no.

And the sweetness of sharing it with big brother Mikey and cousin Hannah!


Oh wowza…So delicious!!! Thanks Mariah!