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Permaculture Walkabout at the Sunshine House

Join Michael and Jennifer at the Sunshine House for this dynamic workshop on urban/suburban Permaculture. Experience how they were able to turn their half-acre plot into a sustainable homestead.


Participants will gain knowledge of permaculture, practical application in a urban/suburban setting, and explore the potential permaculture design of their own property using satellite images. Cost is $95.00 per person.

Registration is limited to 10 participants.

Call Michael at 860-890-3210 to register

Earth Day Celebration

Join us Sunday for our Earth Day Celebration with Sunshine House. A hobby farm. For an amazing presentation on permaculture practices at 1pm up in the loft. They will also be here from 11 to 3 to answer any of your questions and demonstrate the environmental benefits of permaculture.

garden overall

Fall Permaculture Practices for a Successful Spring Garden

Permaculture is a sustainable and natural approach to agriculture that integrates nature and society. Join Michael & Jennifer in this afternoon workshop that will introduce you to the principles that allowed them to turn their 2/3 acre lot into an urban homestead that produces more than half the food for their family. The workshop will offer a generous mix of philosophy and methodology. Participants will be introduced to the basics of permaculture; mulching, co-planting, natural pest control, chemical free fertilization, and designing a food forest. You will gain the knowledge to plant your fall crops and prepare your spring beds now for a successful garden in the coming year.Rainbow

We will offer you a sampling of our perennial plants to take home for your own gardens and then we will cap off the day with a variety of fresh snacks and hot coffee.

What to bring: Garden shoes, warm farming clothes, gloves, re-fillable water bottle. This workshop is limited to 10 attendees.

Register here now!

Start hearty green seedlings

Start seedlings for Late Flat Dutch cabbage, Scotch curly and Russian Kale, First growth of lettuces, all peppers, spinach.

Scotch curly kale