Waiting to cross “Marblemouth Sound” in Elizabeth City

Elizabeth City is another great southern hospitality City.  Wednesday morning we woke up, knew we would not be traveling across the sound that day, so looked at our options for the day.  Elizabeth City has a great museum, The Albemarle Museum.  A great history of the region from pre-colonial times through today. We first opted to get breakfast at the little deli down at the corner.  Hot coffee, bacon egg and cheese muffins and no clean up on the boat. YAY! That morning we decided to run our errands first, this meant, walking to groceries, and the auto store for oil.  When you have to carry your groceries you really buy only what is necessary, and no heavy stuff 🙂

It was chilly, but the walking was good warm up.  We got everything we needed and went back to the boat to stow it.  .Wwe decided to go eat at a seafood fry house for lunch.  Everyone got exactly what they wanted, even Mariah! She got fried chicken!  I got catfish and hush puppies, okra and slaw, Michael got soft shell crab sandwich and hush puppies and okra, James got fried trout and hushpuppies and even tried the okra.  I have noticed the slaw down in the south is real fine slaw.  It is not the course chop we are used to in the northeast.  The kids did not like it at first but now they love it! Great food, real cheap! 

We headed back to the museum for our afternoon of education.  It was fascinating!  We all enjoyed a leisurely tour of the museum, especially since it was quite chilly that day!   After the museum, the kids and I left Michael at the boat and did some sight seeing of our own.  This town has a Department Store! Like a real, downtown, we sell everything from shoes to appliances, department store! and people were shopping there!!!! Stunning, Chesson’s Department Store, across from the one show movie theater.  And yes, there was a line out the front of the theater.  Amazing.  One other store we went to several times was a real book store, like a storefront, on Main Street.  Just an awesome little bookseller!

One of the best things about this trip is my children’s awe at how nice everyone is.  Everywhere we go, I hear the same “Everyone is so nice!”  it makes me very happy!  That, and hearing my children use “Yes ma’am and no ma’am”.

We were able to convince Michael to join us at a real “homestyle” cooking restaurant called The Colonial.  I like restaurants that include everything, even your drink, in the dinner price.  Dinner includes: meat, two sides, roll and drink, $7.95.  That’s what I’m talking about! However, this was our third meal out that day! A little over budget!

We headed back to the boat to ready her for our journey the next day.  The weather was holding and we knew we had a good chance of crossing the sound Thursday.

We would definetely go back again, a sweet, quaint, southern city.

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