week one without paper towels…

On the trip last year one of our biggest space hogs, expenses and garbage culprits was paper towels, yes those harbingers of sanitation and convenience.

When blogging last year a friend and comrade cruiser “scolded” me for my paper towel use.  I am glad she did, she was right, it was a waste of money, paper, space, and garbage consumption (which in the Bahamas you have to pay by the bag to get rid of!!!).

So my personal challenge, the only one so far on this trip was to live without paper towels. With week one behind us here are some observations:

my paper towel holder is now in my way

those little “durable and absorbent” kitchen wipes are really durable and absorbent

I blew my nose with paper towels entirely too much

paper towels made me lazy

So you may be thinking what i was thinking – how do you get those suckers clean, really clean, after you’re wiping counters and food and the hold out all day?To satisfy my compulsiveness in ridding my life of little germs I decided I needed to boil my Handi-wipes at the end of the day then stretch them out to dry.

So far so good – I have a huge storage space to use now for storing important things, like Christmas decorations, and cat litter, and our winter/foul weather gear which we have not needed thus far here in Key Largo.

I am saving about 15$ a week, and have way less garbage, and still some space left to fill up.

I have not encountered any catastrophes which, in my mind, would justify use of paper towels so there is still a test.  You know, like if James dropped a jar hot sauce, or Michael spilled engine oil while changing the oil.  I will keep you posted on the progress of our “no paper towels” challenge in the weeks to come.

Yours in “handi-wipes”,


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